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Rebrand & Web Strategy

Building a Brand for 3 Million Investors Daily

MarketBeat is a 8x Inc. 5000 financial media company, who shares financial data, in-depth analysis, and stock research tools with over 10 million individual investors per month. While most finance companies focus on numbers, MarketBeat partnered with Wire Design Company to address how to elevate their brand and build a better UI/UX web design experience for 4+ years.

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Main InnovationsIntuitive Clean Design

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Cover & Layout Design38 eBooks

From the hot topics of AI to the EV Market, MarketBeat's All Access subscribers receive premium reports written by their expert editorial team. Each quarter, we roll out a new series of designs to keep content relevant and engaging.

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Refreshing the MarketBeat App

With a new look and improved functionality, the Marketbeat app allows investors to monitor their stock portfolio on the go.

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5x Growth in Brand Awareness in 6 Months.

When partnering with MarketBeat to develop a complete branding package and updated website design.

“We hired Kristi to develop a complete branding package for our new service at MarketBeat. She delivered excellent work on time and on budget. We look forward to future projects with her and highly recommend her for graphic design and branding.”

Dr. Matt Paulson, CEO & FounderMarketBeat
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