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Developing a 250+ Visual Drill System for Youth Soccer Coaches

Mojo Sport App is a one-stop coaching resource for parents who want easy instructions to pick up and run with. Before the app launched, we teamed up with Mojo's content team and Gameday Creative to solve a unique challenge: To create a visual system where coaches could easily understand the drill at a glance and players could quickly follow along, making practice more productive and fun.

Mojo sport app process sketches mobile

Test ConceptsSimplify the Steps.

We started by simplifying a few complex drills to see if coaches could easily understand the drills at a glance. The biggest challenge was to create recognizable visual cues within one frame, from start to finish. By using opacity and behavioral cues, to show before and after actions, we were able to pass the stress test and move onto character development.

Mojo sport app test concept
Mojo sport app character development stage1
Mojo sport app character development stage2

Develop CharactersSimplify the Elements.

What started out as playful and highly stylized, turned into a minimally designed set of characters. When not in use, the hands and feet were removed to focus on the most important aspects of the drill. Team A, team B, coaches, and in rare cases, team C, had their own set of color-coded characters. Emotions and angles were used to capture both the character's feelings and movements.

  • Team A = Purple
  • Team B = Blue
  • Team C = Green
Mojo sport app final characters

Design SystemSimplify the Categories.

Once the first drills and characters were approved, we moved into creating the design system. Through intentional colors and human behavior, we simplified the system into 5 categories:

  • 1   Player
  • 2   Direction
  • 3   Movement
  • 4   Action
  • 5   Equipment
Mojo sport app design system drill
Mojo sport app design system mobile
Mojo sport app backyard mobile

Create 70+ Drills

With the design system as our visual guide, we used elements from the design system to create each drill. All 70+ drills contain a white on gray visual field of play, pink equipment, and a set of players based on numbers and needs. Often times, a sense of scale and a visual map was used when extra instruction was required to fully understand the drill at a glance.

Mojo sport app drills mobile

Get Results

In less than 100 days of launching, the break through youth sports mobile app was named Best Sports App on the Internet at the 25th Annual Webby Awards. In less than 6 months, over 15 state associations partnered with Mojo to put the magic back into youth sports. Today, the robust digital platform continues to empowered parents across the globe who coach youth sports, 13 and under.

  • #5 of the 10 Most Innovative Companies in Sports
    Fast Company, 2023

  • Best Sports App on the Internet
    25th Annual Webby Awards, 2021
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